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Rev.Dr.S.Christopher Arulraj

My Service as PC Chairman

My Service as PC Chairman
My Service as Council Chairman
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Here I am  telling about my service as PC CHAIRMAN


I finished my BD., Course in TTS on 1981.

First I appointed as a Associated Pastor for Uthamapalayam CSI Selvanayagam Memoriyal Church on 1981.

And after my good and dedicated service Uthamapalayam recogniced as a separate Pastorate on 04.04.1984 and I was promoted as a PC Chairman.

In 1989 I placed in CSI Athikulam Church, Madurai and I served for two years there.

In the period with the support of the Diocese I develop the Church and built a Bell Tower in the Church premises.

After that I transfered to CSI Web Memorial Church, Madurai and promoted as Council Chairman for Central Local Council.

During the Period I did a lot of Spritual Works.

After a 7 years serivce I got a chance to serve for Aundipatti Pastorate.

After a Two years service I placed in Sivaganga Old & New Pastorates and I served for that for Four Peacefull years.

After that I placed in T.Kalluppatti Pastorate and I am serving there still now.