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Rev.Dr.S.Christopher Arulraj

My Service as PC Chairman
My Service as Council Chairman
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This page telling about myself...



Age & DOB

64; 31.12.1945

Educational Qualifications

1. BD., Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary, Arasradi, Madurai - 1977- 1981

2. MA., (Public Administration) - 1984-1986

3. DD., (University of Jerusalem)

Date of Ordination



1. Worked as a Teacher, CSI Schools, Madurai - Ramnad Dicese

2. Worked as a Head Master more than thirteen years, CSI Schools, Madurai - Ramnad Dicese

3. Working as a Presbyter, PC Chairman, CSI, Madurai - Ramnad Diocese

4. Serving as Correspondent, CSI Schools

Details of the Pastorates

As a Pastor...

1. CSI Church, Uthamapalayam - 1981-89

2. CSI Church, Athikulam, Madurai - 1989-91

3. CSI Church, North Union Pastorate, Madurai - 1991-97

4. CSI Church, Aundipatty - 1997-99

5. CSI Church (Old), Sivaganga - 1999-02

6. CSI Church (New), Sivaganga - 2002-03

7. CSI Church, T.Kallupatti - 2003-till date

Experience as a Council Chairman

1. Council Chairman, CLC (North) - 1991-94

2. Council Chairman, Ramnad Local Council - 1994-97

3. Council Chairman, CLC (South) - 2002-06

4. Council Chairman, CLC (South) - 2007-till date

Feather on the Hat

Appointed as a "Senior Chaplain to the Bishop" by the Hon’ble Bishop of Madurai - Ramnad Diocese / Deputy Moderator of CSI, is one more feather on the hat.


1. Messages in Koolankatkal (The Shingles - Christian Monthly in Tamil) -

60 Issues

2. A Songs & Order of Service Book named as "Sthothiram Yesu Natha"

3. An Audio CDs on " ARULURAIGAL" contains 4 Messages

4. Audio & Video CDs on "Parampariya Paadalkal"

5. A Book on " ILAM AAYARKALUKKANA AALOSANAIKAL" - A Complete guide to the young Pastors


1. Delivered a lot of Messages

2. Created a hundreds of Illustrations for the Messages

3. Wrote a number of Christian Tit-Bits

Leadership Quality

1. Guide and prepared a good number of young pastors who are working in the CSI Diocese of Madurai - Ramnad

2. Presiding over various Counsils of Madurai - Ramnad Diocese more than a decade

3. Leading various CSI Schools of the Diocese since 1981 as Coresspondent

4. Participating as a Member of various Governing Councils, CSI Madurai - Ramnad Diocese


1. Conducted various spritual events in the said services

2. Sucessfully Conducting the Three Days grand Convention in the name "THAVASA UTHSAVA PANDIKAI" in Central Local Council (South) for the past three years. All the Pastorates, Schools, Colleges, Homes, Hospitals of the council are participat ing in the grant event.

Family Details

Father : (Late) Rev.S.SRINIVASAGAM

- Renowned Pastor, Circle Chairman, served fifty years for CSI Madurai Ramnad Diocese.

- Ruled a lot of Schools, Training Institutes in his prestigious service.

Spouse : Mrs.J.Suronmoney- Retired Headmistress, CSI School, Madurai - Ramnad Diocese

- Former Correspondent, CSI Home, Madurai -

Ramnad Diocese

- Blessed as a Cup-Bearer of CSI Madurai - Ramnad Diocese

- Sang & Published Audio & Video CDs in the Name of "PAARAMPARIYA PADALKAL"

Contact Address

Rev.S.Christopher Arulraj, MA.,BD.,32, Teachers Line


Madurai - 625 004

Cell : 99946 - 33131, 98421 - 26321, 99435 - 96134

E-mail :

Website :

"Trust in the LORD"